Meet Misty
My introduction to the herbal world & the birth of Holistic Hearth
Holistic Hearth was born from my personal illnesses and having no luck with prescription or OTC medication. It all started with a little congestion…and blew up to a full blown sinus and double ear infection. My family and I had recently moved from Louisiana to Texas, and I didn't even consider given the new area that I would experience seasonal allergies. I grew up in the pharmaceutical world and household, so this was the only solution I knew of at the time. No amount of pills were going to help this situation and I was in misery for around 2 weeks. Finally my husband in his effort to help find a solution asked me if I had thought about trying holistic medicine, to which I responded, "hulla-what?" I was desperate at this point and would try anything, so I started my research and found a wonderful local herb store here in Fort Worth. The shopkeepers were very understanding and knowledgeable, and suggested a mixture of dried herbs including Echinacea and Yarrow infused in water to make a tea, sweetened just a bit with local raw honey. At the time, I was extremely dubious and thought "there's no way in hell some tiny cup of tea will fix this infection in my head", but like I said, I was willing to try anything at this point just to feel better. 24 hours later my pain was gone, 48 hours later I could breathe clearly again, and 4 days after starting the tea my allergy symptoms were all but gone. I was amazed at what these plants could do in this short amount of time and was transformed into a believer. Thus, started my journey into holistic medicine and the wonderful, fascinating world of herbs.
Holistic Hearth is a small batch apothecary, specializing in wellness and skin care products. All products are made by hand, using high quality, 100% natural ingredients, sourced from organic farms. Every one of these products I have made have been a result of either something I was making for myself or someone who I knew that came to me with a specific illness and requested a custom order. I do use natural preservatives, however in order to ensure the freshest product to you, everything is made upon order and usually has a 24 hour turnaround time.

I am a wife of 22 years, mother of 4 wonderful children and 3 fur babies (2 Boxers and an English Bulldog), entrepreneur, business owner, herbalist, natural scent creator, application developer, gamer, wood turner, knife smith, knowledge hog, and geek.
I began formally studying herbs back in 2002, including in 2011 studying under one of Matthew Wood's students, Liz Johnson, and have continued over the years all the way up to my most recent studying at The Herbal Academy.
My goal is to help others by providing the correct information about plants and holistic medicine, spreading the word about the amazing benefits of these plants in everyday life, creating natural products to help those in need, and provide wellness consultations for those who are looking for a healthier, natural recommendation in their lifestyle.